die co-stars
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2nd demo - 2000

The second album from die co-stars. It was the first recording on my 500 Mhz Amd K6-2 (the green computer). We stood down in the Cordobar for one week. It is a great album but it was never released, so no cover excists.

Erwin Zisselsberger - singing and guitar
Wolfram Schmidt - guitar, keys
Wolfgang Bauer - bass guitar and recording
Karin Geissler - drums and backing vocals on "herz"

It is an older picture before Wolfram played for die co-stars.


01 Herz (2.09min)
02 Ich geh mit dir (4.25min)
03 Sehnsucht (3.36min)
04 Neustart (3.53min)
05 Ab vom Schuss (4.14min)
06 Bonustrack (1.37min)

All songs are written by Erwin Zisselsberger.
You are free to download the songs for private use. Any broadcasting, commercial hiring, commercial copying is prohibited.