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marigold - 1999 June

1st demo

Our first official demo. It was used to send it to some clubs to play there. The power recording station was a cassette recorder with build-in microphone. When Wolfgang was 10 years old he listened to his Masters of the universe cassettes with this great recording station.

Matthias Bausch - singing and guitar
Philipp Bach - guitar
Wolfram Schmidt - drums
Wolfgang Bauer - bass guitar

01 one time in the morning (2.52min) (music:bauer/text:bausch)
02 bird (5.13min) (music:bausch)
03 yellow jah lousie (7.41min) (music:bauer/text:bausch)
04 singing (4.07min) (music:bausch/text:bausch)

1st demo cover 1st demo inlay

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