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legend Grandma Moses - Drivin for gazoline was recorded on july 2002.
Produced by Soundfabrik and Grandma Moses.
Lyrics and music by Grandma Moses.

Special thaks: Philipp Bach, Erwin Zisselsberger, Schmidt Family, Schröder Family, Cordobar, Susanne Wodsack, Martin Hermann, Michi Schütze, Max Reiter, Kommissar K, Markus Breu.
Grandma Moses are: Wolfram Schmidt, Wolfgang Bauer, Alexander Schmidt.
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01 Lsd (2.35min) (music:S.Schmidt/ text:S.Schmidt)
02 Orange (1.36min) (music:Bauer)
03 Purple Pussy (4.16min) (music:Bauer/ text:S.Schmidt)
04 Mieuw (5.01min) (music:S.Schmidt/ text:S.Schmidt)

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