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What is the soundfabrik?

We are a bunch of people who love making music. Composing music for only ourselves is not really satisfying. So we were in need of a name for publishing our music on the net. There are a lot of other soundfabriks out there, but we started with this name during our very first recording sessions (without thinking of the internet at all).
Hence, soundfabrik is our name for everything we are doing when it comes to musical matters. It's like our label or company that produces all those arty things we need for selling CDs, recording songs, designing covers and fliers, and so on...
Enjoy all work that is released under the soundfabrik moniker!

Where is the soundfabrik?

Since our rehearsal room is gone we are somtime here and there but rather we are from a suburb of Munich, Germany.
The town is called Germering and lies to the south east. The center of the local musicians is found here:

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What does soundfabrik mean?

english german
sound klang
factory fabrik

Who is the soundfabrik?

Just go into the contact section...

Why is everything in English?

A lot of people are asking this, because we are from Munich, Germany. We decided to keep the page in English, because it is the language of the internet. Almost everyone who's online speaks a little English. And when German people (I think, most visitors of the page are Germans.) visit our page it might not be very hard to understand our English.

Why use ogg vorbis for audio?

Ogg vorbis is a free audio format. It is free from any rights of industry, or company -- unlike mp3 where the compression algorithm is patented and hence proprietary.

An excerpt from the ogg vorbis hompage:
"Ogg Vorbis is a completely open, patent-free, professional audio encoding and streaming technology with all the benefits of Open Source."

So if you want a little more freedom in the world of audio, then you schould use ogg too.

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