Defective by design

...sub hostet stuff - under construction
sofaproject - sketches of things we do

...friendly music

Softnerd - Elektronic Indie
Les Babacools - RaggaFunkin'

detached groups (links may be broken):
The Barricades - Straight guitars
The Ruby Sea - Poetrie Rock
The 4th Final - Rock from Rosenheim
Bad Dog Bites - Rock from hell software we use

ALSA - The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
JACK - Low-latency audio server
Ardour - The Linux digital audio workstation
JAMin - is the JACK Audio Mastering interface
Hydrogen - an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux
GPL audio plugins

...what is going on in munich

Subkultur e.V. Fürstenfeldbruck - Guide for munich
Muffathalle - München
Backstage München
The Atomic Cafe
Feierwerk München

La Ultima Ola - Concerts for munich
Kultzone - Munichs musical underground

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