b-sides of marigold

That's me instrument i play:
Drums, Guitar, Keys, Shakers and Noisemakers

music i listen to:
In Your Honor - Foo Fighters

best album ever:
Selling england by the pound - Genesis

my songs at this time:
Especially In Michigan - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ronde De Nuit - Mano Negra
From Which I Came - Eels
Désolé Pour Hier Soir - Tryo

worst album ever bought:
Push - Bros
Love, peace and money - Die Toten Hosen (never again,..please)

first concert:
Phil Collins - But Seriously Tour 1990 - Olympiahalle Munich

best concerts ever:
Foo Fighters - One By One Tour 2001 - Wembley Arena London
U2 - The ZooTv Tour 1993 - Olympiastadion Munich
Mc Solaar - Prose Combat Tour 1994 - Charterhalle Munich
Crash Test Dummies - I Don't Care That You Don't Mind Tour 2001 - Backstage Munich

worst concerts ever:
Eek A Mouse - Tour 2001 - Backstage Munich


Burritos, Roast Chicken, Shrimp-Salat-Sandwich (Thanks Nordsee), Cassoulet en boite, Cannelloni, French Croissants from Nantes, american Tofu Hot Dogs (like these from the Bizzare Festival)

K-Pax, The Fisher King, Devil's Advocate, Blow

character in ghostbusters:
Egon Spengler

Hergé, Franquin, William Hanna & Joseph Barbera, and of course Matt Groening


my equipment

Alesis - QS 62

Fender - Telecast Lefthand (Mexico)
Fender - Stratocast Lefthand (USA)
Fender - Stratocast Lefthand (Japan)
Epiphone - Les Paul Lefthand

Boss EQ, OV,...etc.
lots of distortion and noisemaker stuff.

Basic set TAMA Rockstar II

my drumkit

21" Bass drum
14" Snare drum
8" Tom Tom
10" Tom Tom
16" Floor Tom Tom

14" Hi-Hat Paiste Alpha
21" Paiste Ride Signiture Series
18" Paiste Crash 2002 Series
16" Paiste Crash 2000 Series
14" Paiste Thin Crash 2000 Series
8" Sabian Splash

8" Remo - Pin Stripe
10" Remo - Pin Stripe
16" Remo - Pin Stripe

Vic Firth - 5 AN
DW6000 Foot Machine

Roland V-Drums TD8KV

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