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Some of the templates i made. Feel free to use them, copy or do whatever you want with them.

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Game graphics

These are some of the graphics i designed for some games, a long time ago. Bernhard Liebl and i have made some games on different machines. Bernhard hacked on an Atari ST whereas the graphics are done with DeluxePaint on an Amiga. Later we were working with Macintosh and 386/MSDOS. I think almost one game was ever finished (releaseable) but the graphics and code were lost in time. Here are some of the other games and graphics we worked on:

1995 Zauberland

wizard title screen wizard sprites wizard title screen wizard sprites

Most graphic are lost and the source code isn't all we had. This ought to be an action adventure game with puzzles like maniac mansion and action sequences like Legend of Fairgail. The graphics that were lost are some icons, title screens, two fonts, and so on. The game was in a playable aahh walkable state :-) What you see here is the rest which i found.

Download the source code and images: (16,3kB)

1994 Wizard

wizard title screen wizard sprites

This was a boulder dash clone. Bernhard coded on an Apple Macintosh and I made the graphics on my 386 with DeluxePaint. It was funny to draw because with 640x480 Pixel image, DPaint only had 16 colors. It was almost finished, you were almost up to play 4 players with one keyboard. Source code is lost...any hints...mail me :-)

1993 ultima clone

ultima sprites

Like the name said, these are icons i made in an Ultima IV style. These graphics were never used for any game. They are made with DeluxePaint.

1993 enhanced Ultima clone

ultima sprites

Like the graphics above, but now with 256 colors and walls with 3D look. Used for an Ultima style RPG. Source code Lost :-(

If you like to use any of these graphics or files you are free to use them, but please write an e-mail to me if you do so.

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